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This Blog Moves to a New Web Site January 9, 2009

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Hello all,

I am glad to announce that I have launched a new Web site on e-learning. Here is my new Web site name:


Here are the unique features of my new Web site:

Millions of e-learning Web sites are available in the Cyberspace. There are Web sites that include only e-learning blogs; some include e-learning forums, information on e-learning jobs, reviews on e-learning products, and so on. But, very few Web sites post information that covers all aspects of e-learning.


elearningplanet.com deserves to be one among those rare Web sites that:

  • Includes its own e-learning blog.
  • Facilitates collaborative learning between e-learning professionals through its forum.
  • Conducts frequent online contests for e-learning professionals.
  • Provides free online training and assignments for instructional designers and graphic designers.
  • Selects its favorite blog post and blogger from the e-learning blogosphere on a weekly basis.
  • Selects active participants in the planet’s forum.

All blog posts in this blog (https://elearningtyro.wordpress.com/) are moved to the ‘Blog’ section in http://elearningplanet.com/. However, this blog  continue to remain with no future updates.

Please redirect your feeds to http://elearningplanet.com/?feed=rss2

Thanks for all your support and I am anxious to contribute more to this e-learning world through my new Web site.


Sathish Narayanan


Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy July 24, 2007

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A number of debates are conducted all across the Globe regarding the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Meanwhile, let me share with a Wiki page that includes the details of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its  revisions. This Wiki page also includes a Web link to download the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Quiz that enables you to test your Bloom’s Taxonomy knowledge. Hope you will find this post useful!

Click here to view the Wiki page!