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This Blog Moves to a New Web Site January 9, 2009

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Hello all,

I am glad to announce that I have launched a new Web site on e-learning. Here is my new Web site name:


Here are the unique features of my new Web site:

Millions of e-learning Web sites are available in the Cyberspace. There are Web sites that include only e-learning blogs; some include e-learning forums, information on e-learning jobs, reviews on e-learning products, and so on. But, very few Web sites post information that covers all aspects of e-learning.


elearningplanet.com deserves to be one among those rare Web sites that:

  • Includes its own e-learning blog.
  • Facilitates collaborative learning between e-learning professionals through its forum.
  • Conducts frequent online contests for e-learning professionals.
  • Provides free online training and assignments for instructional designers and graphic designers.
  • Selects its favorite blog post and blogger from the e-learning blogosphere on a weekly basis.
  • Selects active participants in the planet’s forum.

All blog posts in this blog (https://elearningtyro.wordpress.com/) are moved to the ‘Blog’ section in http://elearningplanet.com/. However, this blog  continue to remain with no future updates.

Please redirect your feeds to http://elearningplanet.com/?feed=rss2

Thanks for all your support and I am anxious to contribute more to this e-learning world through my new Web site.


Sathish Narayanan


15 Ways to Promote E-Learning Programs December 19, 2008

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Click here to view an article that describes 15 ways to promote e-learning programs.

Tips for Encouraging Learners to Take e-Learning Courses February 8, 2008

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Hi all,

Recently, I read an useful article on how to encourage learners to take e-Learning courses. I am sure this article will be more meaningful for organizations that have planned to implement e-Learning for their training purpose.

Click here to view the article.

Useful Article on e-Learning 2.0 November 12, 2007

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I just read Tony Karrer’s interesting article on e-Learning 2.0. He describes the basics concepts of e-Learning 2.0, and compares it with e-Learning 1.0 and 1.3

I found it very useful. Hope you will also admire his article!

Click here to view the article.

Interactive Course on the Power of e-Learning April 11, 2007

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Recently, I admired viewing an e-learning course that provides an excellent introduction to e-Learning. The course contains several modules that are replete with concrete and practical examples. I am sure that the course will be handy for a novice who wishes to seek a basic knowledge on e-Learning.

Click here to launch the course!