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Tips for Developing an Engaging MS PowerPoint Presentation June 7, 2007

Posted by elearningtyro in Instructional Design, Useful Resources.

Thanks to Christy Tucker for referring an interesting presentation by Karl Kapp. The presentation emphasizes on how to develop an engaging MS PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation, Karl Kapp shows some examples of bad PowerPoint slides. Then, he follows up with his suggestions on how to present the slides in an engaging manner to the audience.

Here are his words that impressed me the most:
We cannot blame the tool. Study after study shows that good design, regardless of the technology, is what that makes good learning. In the end, it’s the design and not the tool that impacts learning.

Great words, isn’t?

Click here to view the presentation!


Interactive Demo on Virtual Team Management June 1, 2007

Posted by elearningtyro in e-Learning Demos.
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Let me share with an interesting demo on virtual team management. This demo sorts of teaching the virtual team management skills to a multi cultural, transglobal audience of project managers. Hope you will enjoy this demo!

Click here to launch the demo!