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Interactive Course on the Power of e-Learning April 11, 2007

Posted by elearningtyro in About e-Learning, e-Learning Demos, Instructional Design, Useful Resources.

Recently, I admired viewing an e-learning course that provides an excellent introduction to e-Learning. The course contains several modules that are replete with concrete and practical examples. I am sure that the course will be handy for a novice who wishes to seek a basic knowledge on e-Learning.

Click here to launch the course!



1. Christy Tucker - April 11, 2007

I’m not so sure about this course. For example, they say that there has been very little research done on the effectiveness of e-learning. That simply isn’t true. Clark Aldrich just linked to 3 case studies on the effectiveness of simulations this week. The eLearning Guild and EduCause are constantly doing research. There are a number of journals on e-learning and related issues. How can she claim there is hardly any research when we have all the following journals?

* eLearningJournal.com
* IJEL, International Journal on E-Learning
* IRRODL, The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
* International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning
* Electronic Journal of e-Learning
* International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning
* JOLT, Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

That’s just a quick list, and I’m only looking at journals exclusively in English. That also doesn’t include any research published in places like the Journal of Educational Psychology.

There are also some technical problems with the e-learning itself. For example, when I finished the self-check for the first module, I was instructed to return to the menu. Unfortunately, the menu button was inactive. My only option would have been to completely restart the course, and that’s too much hassle.

I also didn’t find this particularly engaging. The first advantage they list for e-learning is student-centered learning, but this was mostly a content dump. Yes, I had the option to click on topics to view the content in the order I wanted, which is better than a purely linear structure. Learner control is good. However, just choosing the order to passively receive content isn’t that effective.

This is one of these courses that looks good at first glance, but doesn’t look so good if you dig deeper. In my mind, they lost all their credibility when they said there wasn’t much research. Content isn’t king, but you still have to have your facts straight!

Maybe the modules after the first are better, but since it crashed I’m not going back to check.

Sorry; I think other demos you have pointed to here have been better than this one. No worries, but I do disagree with your choice for this.

2. elearningtyro - April 11, 2007

Hi Christy,

I do agree with some of your comments. However, I am pretty much convinced that this course has pretty decent information for a novice. Thanks and keep visiting!

3. nkilkenny - April 18, 2007

Yes there was a lot of content covered here. But in this business we’re still focused on content dev and presentation and not media usage or delivery. That’s the next step which I think we’re getting to with online collaboration and communities. Coming from the corporate world I think my experience has been most managers (and training managers that cave into them) expect people to just pick things up by osmosis. E-learning is cool because it doesn’t cost them as much. Plus doing the content dump is just easier and cheaper from a analysis, planning and design perspective. And that’s the nature of the beast in Corporate America… build a faster, better, cheaper hamburger. The employees just have to eat the unpleasant costs.

The interactive checks and the menu features worked fine for me. I actually went straight to the 2nd module.

On the other hand, I was more focused on how they used the medium and what tool(s) were used. Looks like they used captivate with a pre-made skin. Though I wouldn’t use the interactivies as consistently or repetitively like they did here I might use them once or twice. Interesting stuff to think about.

4. Michelle - May 1, 2010

I thought the interactive module to be very effective in delivering the subject matter online. Such reflects application of sound instructional design principles and having a very task-oriented approach manner of representing the content.

Previous comments concerning the credibility of the author does not have to do with the module shared here. We, as instructional designers should be the agents for giving constructive, objective and unbiase feedback.

To the author of this resource, you’ve done a very good job! More power to you…

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