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Graphic Design Style Guide – Essential parameters March 31, 2007

Posted by elearningtyro in Graphic Design, Useful Resources.

Graphic Designers shall consider the following essential parameters while developing or reviewing the media of an e-Learning course by using Macromedia Flash:

  • Document properties: This includes verifying standardized document properties, such as document size, frame rate, publish settings, and other properties.
  • Naming conventions: This includes verifying the standardized naming conventions of a graphic element, file, layer, symbol, and library.
  • Font specifications: This includes verifying standardized font specifications, such as the font face, size, and color.
  • Alignment: This includes verifying alignment in page title, frame content, and graphic element.
  • White spacing: This includes verifying unnecessary white spaces between characters, lines, and paragraphs.
  • Library management: This includes verifying whether the library is managed using folders and ensuring that the unused elements are deleted from the library.

Apart from considering the aforementioned parameters, Graphic Designers shall also check for:

  • Typo errors
  • Content verification by cross checking with the source content
  • Consistent usage of graphic elements
  • Masking problems
  • Audio synchronization


1. Christy Tucker - March 31, 2007

I know that your post assumes that the graphic designer is working from an already developed style guide, but I have a question related to earlier in the process. How do you select good fonts for e-learning? Do you know of any resources to teach basic typography, especially for e-learning users? This is an area where I feel I really could use improvement personally. I just sort of guess by what looks right to me, but I don’t know any of the principles behind it.

I’d love to see you post on good typography for e-learning.


2. elearningtyro - March 31, 2007

Hi Christy Tucker,
I have few answers to your first question. Surely, you will read my post related to that soon. I am also in a deep exploration on a simple and efficient resource to teach typography for e-learning users. I will surely let the World know if I come across any. By the way, thanks for your visit!

3. anirban - April 2, 2007

It is really useful but I would like to explore more. I can put some pointas fro that. Like
Use of graphis,Formats,Fontface and family,use of animaton,formats of graphics depending on LMS/CD version.

i am working on that areas and I feel that type of information will b really useful for documentation.(Like xml based LMS never like *.gif format of images-I would like to those wherr abouts.)

But really thanks buddy,

4. kavitha - April 2, 2007

Hi Nanu,
Your posting would be definitely useful for all the Graphic designers especially to the new entries and particularly to the GDs involved in eLearning. The world expects more such useful blogs from you. Keep blogging……………


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