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Graphic Design Style Guide – Essential parameters March 31, 2007

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Graphic Designers shall consider the following essential parameters while developing or reviewing the media of an e-Learning course by using Macromedia Flash:

  • Document properties: This includes verifying standardized document properties, such as document size, frame rate, publish settings, and other properties.
  • Naming conventions: This includes verifying the standardized naming conventions of a graphic element, file, layer, symbol, and library.
  • Font specifications: This includes verifying standardized font specifications, such as the font face, size, and color.
  • Alignment: This includes verifying alignment in page title, frame content, and graphic element.
  • White spacing: This includes verifying unnecessary white spaces between characters, lines, and paragraphs.
  • Library management: This includes verifying whether the library is managed using folders and ensuring that the unused elements are deleted from the library.

Apart from considering the aforementioned parameters, Graphic Designers shall also check for:

  • Typo errors
  • Content verification by cross checking with the source content
  • Consistent usage of graphic elements
  • Masking problems
  • Audio synchronization

Interactive GE-Branded Experience March 26, 2007

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Here is my pick!

Geoterra is an interactive GE-branded experience that allows learners to enhance the well being of an island’s inhabitants and environment. Learners are immersed in a green environment where they can discover and utilize GE products to understand the positive impact on their own world.

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Konica Minolta Solutions Learning Gateway March 23, 2007

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Here is my pick!

Konica Minolta takes Web-based training to a new level. Created to educate its workforce, the Web site provides engaging interactivity through rollovers, voice over, video (by using the green screen technology), and a rich graphical interface. Enjoy viewing and let me know what impressed you the most!

Click here to launch the gateway.