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Tips for Developing the Course Design Strategy Document December 21, 2006

Posted by elearningtyro in Instructional Design, Useful Resources.

Let me share my knowledge on developing the course design strategy document.

The course design strategy document is developed before developing the storyboard and it gives an overall idea on the strategies to be incorporated in the courseware. Strategies here corresponds to both the instructional design and graphic strategies. It will be useful for both the client as well as the e-Learning team, which develops the courseware.

I suggest you can consider the following attributes or parameters or details for developing an efficient course design strategy document.

  • Client name
  • Course name
  • Course objective
  • Course complexity level (in terms of Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Course language
  • Target audience
  • Instructional strategies
  • Graphic strategies
  • Course flow

Let me emphasize the key instructional and graphic strategies to be populated into the course design strategy document.

Instructional strategies

Instructional strategies shall include the following details:

  • Instructional theory to be adopted in the courseware
  • Inclusion of the course guide (if planned)
  • Usage of interactivities, such as roll over, point and click, select an option, text entry, drag and drop, and tool tip
  • Assessment types with details, such as where the questions will come into existence  (within the content frames, after the content frames, as a separate module, and so on)

Graphic strategies

Graphic strategies shall include the following details:

  • Level of graphics, such as 2-D or 3-D, screen grabs, and animations
  • Inclusion of audio with details on the gender of voice
  • Navigation details (linear or non linear navigation)


It is better if you could include the reasons for incorporating the aforementioned instructional and graphic strategies.

Hope the aforementioned tips for developing the course design strategy document are sufficient for a novice. However, I will update this post if I acquire any additional information.



1. Vasu - December 21, 2006

Hi Sathish! That was great sharing. Keep blogging.

2. Jeong-Eun KIM - May 29, 2007

This is a blog of e-learning basic. You can learn about document design.

3. Ahmed Said - October 16, 2007

Thanks for rapid tips.

4. Candace Broughton - December 7, 2010

First let me say I love the quotation. May I use it? Secondly, I am a complete novice when comes to DD. In fact, I had never heard of it until yesterday when I read the ProfHacker article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. It sounds fascinating! I have been looking for a new field to explore, and this may be it! I’d love to learn more.

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